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Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioids

Learn about Inspiration health addiction Treatment center medication treatments that will help you recover from addiction.

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The combination of Buprenorphine and Naloxone is prescribed together in the form of Suboxone Buprenorphine not only treats the withdrawal symptoms from opiates but can also be used in conjunction with Naloxone for long term maintenance.  Naloxone helps prevent misuse of the medication and is an effective blocker for opiates while undergoing treatment.

During the initial withdrawal from opioids, a combination of the following medicines may be used in conjunction with Suboxone to make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible for each client as they transition into a new healthy life in recovery:

-Clonidine- helps ease anxiety, irritability, and racing thoughts.

-Trazadone- combats insomnia, improves mood and appetite.

-Buspirone- reduces anxiety, eases rapid heartbeat, and helps reduce irritability.

-Tizanidine- Reduces muscle spasms

-Imodium-helps alleviate diarrhea, irritable bowels, and other muscle discomforts associated with opioid withdrawal.

Vivitrol / Naltrexone

Vivitrol / Naltrexone greatly helps in reducing and preventing the occurrence of relapse.  Although relapse is often a part of the journey to sobriety, we here at Inspiration Health Addiction Treatment Center want to ensure the best possible chances for all our patients on the road to successful recovery.

Vivitrol/Naltrexone is available in pill form or as an injection. Vivitrol requires an injection every 28 days at our office, so it is time released and does not require taking a pill every day.

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