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Inspiration Health Addiction Treatment Center

At IHAT, we want to be your partner throughout your recovery process. We know that recovery is specific to the individual and not a “one size fits all” endeavor.

“I have been doing addiction medicine for many many years and as a doctor utilizing Burprenorphine (Suboxone), Vivitrol, and other medical interventions to assist people with their recovery from opioid use disorders, it breaks my heart that with as much progress as has been made in treating substance use disorders, that the rates of overdose deaths from opioids continues to rise.”

Dr. Eric Jones, MD

Our Virginia Beach Clinic

Inspiration Health Addiction Treatment Center wants to be your partner throughout your recovery process. We know that recovery is specific to the individual and not a “one size fits all” endeavor. Every individual’s journey is as unique as their story of how their addiction manifested itself in the first place.


To achieve our goals, we have designed our clinics with the patient’s needs at the forefront of our minds to give you the tools you need to succeed in your journey. Our medical professionals are trained in the most cutting edge best practices in opioid medical treatment as advanced by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Our mental health professionals are certified in substance abuse counseling. The primary concern of every person working at IHAT is always you and your well-being.

Our Norfolk Clinic

Norco (hydrocodone) bitartrate and (acetaminophen) and oxycodone both contain an opioid analgesic and antitussive (cough suppressant) and are used to treat moderate to fairly severe pain. Norco also contains acetaminophen, a non-narcotic pain reliever (analgesic). Brand names of oxycodone include Oxycontin, Roxicodone, and Xtampza ER.


People who become addicted to Norco may ingest the drug in ways that could be very harmful to the body.  Crushing and sniffing pills, dissolving pills and injecting the solution into a vein, are all extremely dangerous modes of administration of Narco that can cause life threatening injuries.

Our Promise To You


Recovering from an addiction is a hard process. At IHAT, we partner with you and remain accessible during and after the treatment program.


Our clients come to us during the most difficult period of their lives. We view respect as a key aspect to treatment success and is one of our core values.


Addiction recovery is an engaging commitment that has two sides. IHAT sees itself as the other side and remain dependable during and after treatment.

Meet IHAT Directors

IHAT wants to be your partner throughout your recovery process. We understand that recovery is different for everyone, which is why we take an individualized approach to every client we work with at our clinics. Our doctors, qualified practitioners, licensed professional counselors, and staff will be there for all of your recovery needs.

Leah Hancock

Leah Hancock

Founder / Executive Director

Leah Hancock is a mother of two beautiful daughters who she adores, a Virginia native, and the executive director and founder of Inspiration Health Addiction Treatment Center, LLC (IHAT).

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