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Genes and Addiction: How to Use the Link Between Them to Your Advantage

If you’re worried whether or not you have genes linked to addiction, it’s not the end of the world if you do. You are most definitely not doomed. Did you ever have a friend tell you about a rough day they had? “… I went home, and the first thing I did was pour myself a drink,” is how they start wrapping up the conversation. Then they top it off with one of the most unrelatable and weirdest sentences you’ve ever heard: “I didn’t even finish it,” they sigh,  “Just enough to take the edge off, and then I went to bed early.” … You nod and chuckle like you know exactly what they mean, but you’re babbling in your head: “Didn’t eve—… What? Just left it there? Yeah, I can’t relate to that at all.” It’s not fair! You’ve been hooked, pretty...

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